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Microsectioning preparation is a method that is used if sub-elements are to be examined ingreat detail and accurately internally in materials, for example in componentsor printed circuit boards (PCB). Microsectioning is a very effective method formetallographically inspection, characterizing or analyzing of encapsulated/hiddenelements, e.g. in solder joints, including analysis of potential failuremechanisms.

HYTEK is recognizedby the European Space Agency ESA as a recommended supplier of microsectioningto the space industry (ESA memo ESA-TECMSP-MO-013165 issue 1: ESA recommendedmicrosectioning facilities).

HYTEK has avery advanced line for microsectioning, consisting of 4 semi-automatic grindingmachines followed by 3 semi-automatic polishing machines.


Microsectioning can, for example, be used for examination and analysis of:

  • Components
    • Analysis of hidden internal issues
    • Analysis of component defects
    • Analysis of solder connections
    • Analysis of crimp connections
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
    • PCB build-up/stack-up inspection and measurements
    • Quality of PCB base materials (laminate/pre-preg)
    • Plating thickness
    • Analysis of PCB defects
    • Analysis and measurements of surface finish
    • Analysis of solder connections

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