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IPC J-STD-001 Specialist certification

For companies that have implemented A-610 as a standard for approval, it is important to also implement the requirements for materials, processes and equipment as listed in the J-STD-001 standard. Doing so will enable conformity between final product requirements and manufacturing processes utilized for production.

After completing a mandatory theoretical and practical (hand soldering) exam, an IPC Specialist certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for two years.

The course covers requirements for manufacture in accordance with J-STD-001.

The following will be reviewed in theory and practically on the certification: 

  • General requirements
    • Safety, tools, ESD
  • Requirements for materials
  • Requirements for mounting wires on terminals
  • Requirements for mounting and soldering hole mount components
  • Requirements for mounting and soldering Surface Mount Devices (SMD)
  • General solder joint requirements (including lead free joints)
  • Requirements for machine soldering process control (reflow and wave soldering)
  • Requirements for inspection
  • Requirements coating (materials and process)
  • Requirements for rework and repair
  • Quality and process management

The certification is aimed at operators, engineers and designers as well as quality staff, working with electronics manufacturing.


DKK 12,000.00

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