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Design for Manufacturability

Can our product development be optimized in a way where outsourcing longer becomes the key word for achieving profitability? 

If Danish electronics companies want to continue developing and producing reliable electronic products at competitive prices, it is necessary that the design is producible and prepared for efficient production.

Already in the earliest stages of development, it is necessary to consider that products can be produced efficiently and profitably.

Course content:

  • Choosing joining methods and processes for production
  • The capability of the production equipment
  • Lead-free soldering processes
  • Reflow soldering of through-hole components (Pin in Paste)
  • General considerations with regards to PCB layout
  • Choosing design and components
  • Component tolerances
  • Are there any special components that require retrofitting?
  • Specifications on PCB laminate
  • Solder mask specifications
  • Surface finish, solder pads / components
  • Design of solder land/pads
  • Electrical and thermal properties (specifications)
  • Panelization
  • Routing
  • Clearance for repair/rework
  • Test strategy
  • IPC-2220 Series

The course is aimed at employees in the engineering department and design department.


DKK 3,900.00

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8. Oct. 2024
7. Oct. 2025
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