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IPC-A-600 Specialist certification

IPC-A-600, being a support document for the well-known PCB specification IPC-6012 for rigid PCBs, has been utilized as an approval standard for outgoing and incoming quality inspections of PCBs. With the certification program for PCB approval, PCB manufacturers and users of PCBs get a very good tool for conforming to the high quality requirements in the industry, no matter where in the world the customer or the supplier is located.

The standard represents the minimum requirements according to the IPC-6010 series.

The following topics will be theoretically reviewed on the certification:

  • Product classification and approval criteria for Printed Circuit Boards
  • Base laminate conditions based on externally and internally observable characteristics, such as measles/laminate delamination
  • Solder mask coverage and registration
  • Dielectric material criteria (etchback, voiding, resin recession)
  • Plated through hole requirements
    • Copper plating thickness
    • Voids and cracks
  • Approval criteria for rigid, flex, rigid-flex and metal core Printed Circuit Boards

The courses are aimed at operators, designers, quality engineers and other staff working with electronic production and PCB manufacture.


DKK 9,700.00

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23. Oct. 2024 - 25. Oct. 2024 Eng
28. Apr. 2025 - 30. Apr. 2025
22. Oct. 2025 - 24. Oct. 2025 Eng
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