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ESD course for operators/production staff

How to avoid damaging ESD sensitive components?

This course covers all relevant issues that are important to be aware of if you are part of a modern electronics production environment. Ignorance of ESD may result in great costs for a company, but a large part of ESD protection also deals with the individual employee's attitude toward their work and ESD issues. However, it is difficult attitude if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

The course is theoretical, but practical demonstrations regarding various ESD issues are carried out.

In order to comply with the various ESD standards, whether it is the American ANSI/ESD S 20.20 or the European EN61340-5-1, it must be documented that the employees who handle ESD-sensitive components have received training that gives them the necessary knowledge. This knowledge is contained in this ESD course.

If the course is held in your company, HYTEK can base the course on your company.

The course will, among other subjects, be focusing on these main topics:

  • What is static electricity?
  • What is an electrostatic discharge?
  • What is the lowest ESD level that a human can feel?
  • What is the lowest ESD level that can damage a component?
  • How does ESD occur?
  • What is the difference between conductors, insulators and semi-conducting material?
  • How can ESD damage the components?
  • What can happen if a workplace is not ESD protected?
  • What can be done to secure the ESD sensitive components?
  • When should ESD bracelets/ESD shoes be used?
  • Why and how should ESD bracelets/ESD shoes be tested?
  • How can private clothing cause ESD problems?
  • Which items should not be present in an ESD protected workplace?
  • What methods are there to eliminate electrostatic charges?
  • What activities in a workplace can generate electrostatic charges?
  • How are ESD sensitive components handled?
  • How are ESD sensitive components transported from one area to another?
  • Which packaging materials provide the best protection of ESD sensitive products?

The course is aimed at everyone who handles ESD sensitive components in production.


DKK 3,900.00

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5. Dec. 2023
3. Dec. 2024
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