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Client Work-Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

  1. Reports, course materials etc. issued by HYTEK are copyright and shall not be used publicly, either in whole or in part, without the consent of HYTEK.
  2. Reports shall only be reproduced in full.
  3. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the client, the test items will be returned to the client after completion of test. They will be returned as a traceable parcel and the client is responsibly for all costs relating hereto.
  4. If confirmed in writing by client that test items are not to be returned, the items will be disposed after one month from completion of test.
  5. No action or legal proceedings shall be taken against HYTEK by reason of or arising out of the carrying out of any research, investigation, test or analysis or the publication of the results there of in the name of HYTEK.
  6. Payment for work carried out shall be in accordance with the terms stated in HYTEK’s invoices.
  7. The Danish law shall apply.
  8. The client is responsible for delivery of test items to HYTEK and the latter shall not pay freight charges or any other cost in connection hereto.
  9. In case of discrepancies regarding translation of reports etc., the Danish version is valid.
  10. We reserve the right to change our prices due to general price increases.
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