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IPC PCB Designers Certification (IPC-2220 series - C.I.D. Basic Training Module)   ■   Last modified:

IPC PCB Designers Certification (IPC-2220 series - C.I.D. Basic Training Module)

The increased requirements for complexity and performance on electronic products have also increased the requirements for materials and design. Furthermore, the correlation between design, purchase and production is extremely important in order to obtain reliable products with low production costs.
IPC’s designer certification program consists of a two-days workshop followed by a certification.
The work shop is built up on various IPC standards, among others: IPC-2220 Series, IPC-7351, IPC-SM-785, IPC-D-325, IPC-2615, IPC-D-350, IPC-A-610, J-STD-001 and IPC-6012

The workshop deals with:
  •  Layout
  • Electric considerations
  • Materials in general
  • Components requirements
  • PCB requirements
  • Assembly requirements
  • Physical characteristics for PCB
  • Documentation
  • Inspection and test
  • Reliability

This course appeals to designers, employees in PTA, production and development departments.

Price per participant: DKK 12.100 including course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Monday 19., December 2022 - wednesday 21., December 2022
Day 1 and 2: 9.00-17.00, day 3: 9.00-13.00

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