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Courses and certifications

Here you find more about the different courses and certification programmes that HYTEK offers. To get an overview of the courses, please go to the course calendar.  We do perform all our courses in English. We do, however, not have specific dates for all our courses in English. If you are interested in a course that does not have a specific date, please contact us and we will try our best to fulfil your request. 

Production technical courses
HYTEK's course programme includes a great number of production technical courses. The courses connect theory and practice, which makes the difficult processes easier to understand. Furthermore, the number of participants on each course is limited, which makes the learning better.

HYTEK finds it important that the courses relates to the participants' everyday life. This way the things learned can easily be applied when the course participants return to their companies.

Click here to see HYTEK's production technical courses.

IPC certified courses 
HYTEK is approved to perform certifications and recertifications according to IPC's standards. At an IPC training programme the participants are examined continuously. If they fulfil the IPC requirements (passes the exams), an IPC certificate is issued in their name. The certificate is valid for two years, after which a recertification programme must be completed in order to maintain the certification.

The IPC certifications are interesting for companies that need or wish to be able to document that they fulfil the IPC specifications and requirements. 

Click here to see HYTEK's IPC certified courses.

ESA certified courses
HYTEK is the only educational institution in Scandinavia which is approved by the European Space Agency (ESA) to perform ESA certified and recertified courses. The ESA courses are mainly for employees who handle electronics used within the space and defence industry.

During the ESA training programmes the participants are examined continuously. If they fulfil the ESA requirements (passes the exams), an ESA certificate is issued in their name. The certificate is valid for two years, after which a recertification programme must be completed in order to maintain the certification

The high standard of the courses makes them interesting - not only for companies within the space industry. Many other electronics companies use HYTEK's ESA certified courses in their effort to stregthen their competitive position. Furthermore, the course may also help strengthen the ISO 9000 certification in the company. 

Click here to see HYTEK's ESA certified courses

Custom-made company courses
HYTEK's consultants often develop custom-made courses for companies so the contents suit the needs of the company in question. The contents of the courses are put together in close relation with the company and could for instance start from introduction to new technologies, start-up of new production processes or establishment and documentation of ESD - and other - programmes, which meet the European standards.

The length and how the courses are performed are arranged individually with the company. The courses can be held both in the company's facilities or in HYTEK's. 

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