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HYTEK is an internationally recognised technology and certification centre. We are specialised in counselling, impartial analysis and courses at the highest technological level to the electronics industry.

HYTEK is the impartial and credible partner when it comes to courses, consultancy, laboratory tests and other activities that can strengthen the competitive capacity in Danish as well as foreign electronics companies.

The basis of HYTEK's activities is the expertise accumulated through more than 20 years of co-operation with companies all over the world.

The broad network ensures that HYTEK always holds the latest knowledge on products and technologies. Furthermore, HYTEK has the facilities and equipment to cover any need for education, research and testing.

Consultancy is a central part of HYTEK. Our consultants assist companies with problem statements, optimisation of production processes, production maturation, purchase, introduction to new technologies, development of new products, Désign for Manufacturability etc. The consultants give advise about insourcing and outsourcing as well as other changes within the organisation. Read more about our consultancy here

Laboratory tests and failure analysis
Failure analysis, Laboratory tests and tests of materials is another important part of HYTEK. Many companies draw on HYTEK in their research and regarding reliability tests of materials and products. It is also possible to hire some of our laboratory facilities.

We are, among other things, capable of performing quality control of components, PCBs and assembly processes, microsectionings, metallurgi, microscopy, X-ray analyses, solderability tests, cleanliness tests, pull tests, shear tests, environmental and climatic tests. Read more about our laboratory tests here.

HYTEK also performs third party impartial analyses.

HYTEK offers courses on a high techological level, primarily for managers, production technicians, engineers and R&D employees. We offer IPC and ESA certifications as well as a great number of courses in electronics. Furthermore we are able to come to your company to perform a course that is specifically designed for your company. Read more about our courses here.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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